Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I did it!

Hello crafters!

I did it, I finally did it!  

I made a pool noodle wreath!  Here are the pictures of my process... pretty simple, a no brainer, really!

OK, so I cut the Pool Noodle to the size that I wanted.  I cut with scissors and at an angle and angled the opposite end as well.  Than with the wonderful, multi-use Duct Tape, I connected the two ends and ... Ta Da!  I have my wreath base!  I purchased some "furry" yarn (ended up having to buy a second ball as there wasn't quite enough in the one... it was a pretty small ball of yarn in this case) from Michael's. (I am sure that you can find even furrier/better stuff from an actual yarn shop!?)  If not, here is a pic of the yarn and the label...

PS:  sorry for the look of the label ;)

I also had some mini lights that I purchased forever ago to use for a gingerbread village that I never did make.  I bought 5 sets!  So, I figured, wouldn't it be cool to add them to a wreath?  So I wrapped them around first and then wrapped the yarn over top.

The last two pics are not really great and I am sorry for that, but I think that you get the idea... I have yet to add anything else to it, but it still is a work in progress.

I hope that you all try this out... It really is a simple and cheap way of making a wreath!

Thanks for reading... 
until next time...

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