Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainbow of Colours....

Hello crafters...
So to throw a wrench in it, I thought that I would post today instead of Monday!  

I was chatting, as I do a lot, with my Crack Dealer ... um Friend and Stampin' Up! demonstrator... Kathy Nelson.  And she saw this video tutorial from Blue Jelly Stampin' and was going to try it.  

This is such an easy technique with such an awesome result and so fun!  I will be trying this later on today, so I will post a picture of my attempts later on today or tomorrow. 

So on a similar vein... My friend Shelly was visiting me last week and I got to have a friend to "play" with... we tried the following technique... from Frenchie, again! ;-)

I have to admit that it was a lot of fun and made us a bit light headed.  Here are some of our pics from our adventures...

The 3 pics above are of Shelly trying it out... I should have got her to take pics of my process too, but I forgot... I think that you can get the idea... 

This was her Valentines Card for her fianc√© Gary.  I also wish that I took a pic of the final product.  I was pretty cool!  

The rest are my finals... I have some more cards to make with what we did in this play session and I am definitely going to make more... love the effect!

We even used the technique on the strips left over after we cut the paper to size(before we put the ink on with the straws)  

All in all the play-time was a success!  I loved the colours and how our version turned out.

Thanks to you all for reading!  Have a wonderful day and let me know if you've tried either of these techniques or want to, I love to get comments!!

Until next time...

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