Friday, February 08, 2013

Pinterest Post Day

Hello Crafters from snowy, blustery Toronto!
I hope you all are staying off the roads and staying warm while the snow keeps coming down and blows all around.  

Today is Pinterest Post Day!!  

For my first pin, this is to make us all think of warmer weather and try to imagine the sun shining and warm.... I thought this would be a fun idea for a child's birthday party or a summer BBQ get together...
Twister on the grass!

I mean, really!  Who doesn't love a good round of Twister!?

These two pins are great for recycling those dreaded toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls... 

I would probably opt for the paper towel rolls for the wrapping paper... what do you think?

This next pin is a favourite future-DIY-project for our future home... 

I love this look and you could cut them in half to show the round ends or this...

cut them in half lengthwise to show the printing on the outside of the corks.
PS:  the above photo is NOT cut in half, which, to me, is a waste and if your like me and like White Wine... there isn't as many corks with those, nowadays! :(

For days when it's snowy and blustery or wet and yucky, with some masking tape, this fun indoor track would be the perfect activity for boys and girls(I L-O-V-E-D dinky cars when I was young!)

This pin is for the organizer in all of us who dislike having to waste a bunch of shelving for ALL the cleaning products!  Check out this great use of those shoe organizers that hang on the back of your doors...

And last but not least for today, another pin that I pinned long ago and just didn't know where to go for the item in the picture to recycle it!  This is such a great look and a fun way to display your books....

I really want to do this, but store my stamp sets on it!  

I guess that I will stop here and leave some of the pins for future Pinterest Post Days.  

Have a fun weekend and stay safe and sound.  If you have to go out in a snowstorm, please drive carefully.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time...

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  1. Some very neat ideas,the Ppr rolls and shoe /cleaning supplies organizer- so simple and very useful! The cork walls are super fun! Thanks for sharing. Monika