Monday, February 04, 2013

Guest Post: Origami Roses

How to: Origami Roses

Several years ago, I was overseeing a fundraiser with a university club, COPE: A Student Mental Health initiative. We were fund raising for Alzheimer's Society of Canada, and we decided around Valentine's Day we would sell Origami Roses. The fundraiser was a huge success, and we sold out within two hours.

The key is presentation, each rose was hand made - using premium origami paper, cellophane and ribbon. Our VP of the club Lily, oversaw the making of the roses, but I thought I'd share her hard work as well as a tutorial on how to make the roses.

Creating the Stem: 
Using a malleable wire, we wrapped green tissue paper around, this allowed the roses

Folding the Leaves:
Leaf Style 1:  Follow this YouTube tutorial for how to fold the leaves.

Variation of Leaf 2/Stem, Short and Sweet:


Folding the Roses:

Origami roses maybe one of the most difficult crafts to fold, as it may require more than 50 folds for a single rose. There are many different techniques, the particular technique we used was the "Kawasaki Rose" - which is also known as the "swirling rose".

This tutorial has over 2 million hits, and replicates the "Swirling Kawasaki Rose" created in the pictures.

Finishing Touches:
Feel free to add glitter and spray with perfume to add a nice finishing touch. Wrap in cellophane and ribbon for presentation.

About Guest Blogger Anne
Anne blogs at Annezca, and works with Terri. She enjoys Latin dance, taking care of her bunny and travelling. When she's not reading up on Orthopaedics and seeing patients at clinic, she's web and graphic designing, on Pinterest, or catching up on the latest movies. She has a mini-obsession with cupcake couture, and is an avid gym-goer. Her dreams include being a home organisation guru, joining an acapella group and travelling the world!


  1. Despite the amount of folds required, it looks like the only difficult part of this is sitting through the time-consuming process of getting it all done! Still, it's such an amazing achievement and your tutorial makes it look quite a bit less daunting. Awesome writeup!

    1. Thanks Stephen! Much appreciated :)

  2. Wow, those are fabulous! Just beautiful!