Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Triple Time Stamping technique...

Hello to all you crafters (and non-crafters! ;)

Today, I thought that I would show you another card technique that is called 
"Triple Time Stamping"

I really enjoy the effect that this produces.

Here is the video that I learned it off of...

I fell in love with this card... This is from a blog called,

I have done a few of these and I did a "class" at our church in the fall where we did a Thanksgiving version.  

These are the Christmas cards that I made with this technique and as you can see, you don't always have to use a white or a cream coloured paper.  
I hope that you try this out and make your own interpretation of it.  Feel free to leave a comment with questions or your own story of how your Triple Stamping turned out.
Thanks for reading,
until next time...

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