Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Post Day

Hello crafters!

Today is Pinterest Post day... so here are some of my pins about reducing, reusing and recycling that I have enjoyed (and want to do/make)!  I hope that you do to....

For those of you who have cats or love cats this one is for you:

Such a simple use of all the cardboard boxes in your home or from your local retail store!

This one is so easy and pretty, I mean, who doesn't love cherry blossoms!? 

This one is cool!  Pun intended, cuz I'm cheezy like that!
Water balloon + freezer + no flame candle = cool lighting effect in the snow.

The Infinity Scarf is all the rage... you can make one yourself for tons less than buying one AND you are using up that old white T-shirt with the yellow armpit stains.  What!?  We all have those... right? ;-)

This one only links to my pin which doesn't lead you to the directions or anything, but it is pretty self explanatory in the picture and it looks easy peasy!

This pin is another one that doesn't link to the original site (or does it?), but you can see all you need to in the picture and the description on the pin.

Well, I could continue on and on, as Pinterest is a great source for the three R's!  
PS:  This pin is for all my carpenter buddies... if any of you feel inclined to make this and maybe the one for my heat embossing tool, too... I would be over the moon! ;-)

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment... I love the feedback!

Until next time...


  1. You'll have to visit and ask Jeff to whip you up a reading the posts. I love all the Pinterest ideas.....

    1. Hee hee! I had thought of that! ;-) thanks for the comments!