Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinterest Post Day

Hello to you all!!

I hope that you all enjoyed my pictures, yesterday, of my cards-from-the-early-days!

I am trying to pick just a few of my favourite DIY crafts from Pinterest today and let me tell ya... it's not easy.  There are so many favourites!  But, here it goes....

For those of you who are planning a party and are on a tight budget (and might be a bit craft-challenged), this is a quick, cheap(Dollarama plug here!) and easy decorating idea.

Huge Tissue Paper Pom Poms!!!
(pic is from the MS site)
Choose a colour theme, go to the Dollar store in your area (my favourite one is Dollarama) and pick up packages of tissue paper (usually in the party section) in the colours that you have selected and some floral wire (I would cut them in half with wire cutters-more for your money!).  In the link to Martha Stewart's tutorial it tells you to use a specific type, but trust me, you don't end up seeing the wire at all!  You might want some good scissors (mine weren't great and it was a bit frustrating, but I did get the job done).  For the rest of the tutorial, just click the link under the above pic and follow the EASY instructions.  Here's one of the smaller pom pom from the above pic....
Makes a cute napkin holder - for this, 
you may want to be picky about the 
floral wire

Look at what you can do - so pretty!

Here's another great idea from the same 
siteelegant and easy!

This one will link to my Pin which will 
take you to an Etsy site if you don't 
want to make it... :)

Look at these great Easter Eggs!
This is a great DIY craft to do with
kids, possibly!?

I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many more but I will stop there... I thought all of these were pretty easy and fairly cheap ideas for decorating your home for Valentine's, Easter and even for your Oscar parties.  I am planning to make the last one and a Valentine wreath for the house.  

Keep on crafting on,


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  1. I love all the crafty ideas........I always want to decorate for the holidays and always seem to fall short. Even tougher living out west in the land of no good dollar store or craft store......someday....