Monday, January 14, 2013

Felt Flower Wreaths

Hello again, Crafters!

I have been crazy in love with these felt flowers... fairly cheap craft and sooooooooo very easy! The hardest part is the colour and theme choice and using the hot glue gun without burning yourself - PS: I got a new glue gun(still pretty cheap too!) that has different temperature settings and I use the low setting with low temp. glue.  I haven't burned myself since... well, I hope that I didn't just jinx myself! :)

Let's get crafting.... 
First - pick the colours and cut into
squares the sizes that you want - they
should be small and medium so they are
not all the same size.  Then round off the
corners of your squares so they are now
circles.  Then cut them in a spiral like the
picture below...

Next... start rolling them up.... I usually like to do this while watching TV or a movie. Once you get started they are pretty mundane and easy, just time consuming... doing this is better than munching on junk food!

By the end of an evening of TV or a'll have
triple of what's in this pic...
This is the very fist wreath that I made with these felt flowers.... My husband and I are from the East coast of Canada and this was a little bit of the ocean in our home in Ontario.  

Here are some links to some great pins for felt flower tutorials and ideas.

So I kind of went crazy and did a "few" more and here are pictures of them...

As you can see, I'm a bit of a Canada geek... I love, love, love my home and native land!  I also can see the humour in a lot of our stereotypes. ;-)  

And if you like to work with felt, I just found this fabulous blog, Craftiness is Not Optional, has tons of great ideas!!

Until next time...

p.s. Here's a Pinterest friendly step-by-step instruction for making the felt flower wreaths.


  1. I love it Terri! Your blog is great! I am slighly obsessed with felt flowers! I make jewelry with them (necklaces are my fave), decorate picture frames/mirrors and cork boards and so much more! You should try making flowers with old tshirts! Super cute!!

  2. love this idea! the colours look similar to my wedding colours!!

  3. I'm too lazy to sign out of Jeff's reading the blog and all your craftiness!!! I'm impressed with the assortment of holiday wreaths that you have. I need to make some for myself!!