Monday, January 28, 2013

Faux Patina Technique

Howdy Crafters!  
Here it is without further ado... the 

I learnt this from a blog that I follow called 

She is a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator out the United States.
(Just so you know, if you are interested in buying from Stampin' Up! in Canada Kathy Nelson is my crack dealer Go-to person! ;-)

This is the video that I saw on her blog...

I really loved it and went to town!  Thank you very much Frenchie!!!  You rock!
Here are some of the cards that I made using this technique...

On this one, I tried the pewter embossing powder instead and I love this effect too!
There are two others from Stampin' Up!, Gold (the one that Frenchie uses) and Silver.
(I just made 9 more pieces of card stock yesterday and I have 7 more to complete today...)

Above is another example of incorporating the look of the card onto the envelope, which adds that special touch.

I hope that you all enjoyed this awesome paper technique, please feel free to leave a comment below on how your attempt worked out...

Thanks for reading...
Until next time...

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