Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Cards - 2012

Hello Crafty peeps!
(I thought I would switch up my greeting today ;)

So today might catch us all up on my cards up until this point.  Woo Hoo!!

Here are some of my cards from this Christmas....

Sorry for the glare, but I wanted to show that it is on Glossy White paper.  For this one, it is soooooo simple and quick... just stamp the image onto glossy paper with Versamark (or  any embossing medium) and use clear (or white would probably work?) embossing powder to heat emboss the image and greeting (on the top card I just stamped the greeting).  Then sponge on the colour that you want around the two.  You might need to wipe of the embossed areas to "clean" it up.  Voila!  Done!

This is called Triple Time Stamping technique.  It's a really fun technique and I will be doing a future post dedicated to it entirely! :)

Here are some of the cards made with the metal paper again, that I mentioned in my last "card" post.

These last three pics are of one card that I tried to incorporate what was on the front of the card into the inside and on the envelope.  

This, actually, was a birthday card for my good friend Dawn, who has a December birthday just like myself.  I thought it was a good representation of both of our senses of humour.  ;-)

As you can see in all three of the last cards I made the paper look like it was metal with a faux patina (making more of them today!)... well, you will all have to wait for a future post with a link to the tutorial.  "Awwwwww!"  I promise, it will not disappoint!  ;-) 

One last cute Christmas card for all my readers!  I saw this stamp in a store called Flim Flam in Brantford, Ontario, which I visit with my Auntie-Lynn-Dear.  I LOVE the store and love going with her, although I am not so sure she loves coming along as I take forever looking at EVERYTHING!

Well, that's it for today....
Until next time...

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